Car Loan

GDFI Car Loan

Car Loan

Have a car and need quick cash? Get a fast-approved loan without leaving your car!

Are you in need of quick cash? Do you own a car? Global Dominion has just the right fix for you! There’s cash with your very own car!

Avail of our CAR CASH LOAN and get the cash for your immediate needs! Whether the money is for an emergency, for everyday expenses, for additional capital, or for just about anything, we can help you!
We can process your car loan in as fast as ONE (1) DAY.

With our car cash loan, all we’ll need is your original OR/CR and we’ll give you the cash you need. There’s no need to leave your car with us. You can have the leisure of having both your CAR and additional CASH!

Use your CAR for CASH now!!!

Acceptable models are 1996 & up

- Basic documentary requirements
- Updated OR/CR
- Stencil & Pictures of unit (c/o GDFI)

Interest Rate
2003 and Above = 2%
2002 and Below = 2.5%

Loanable Amount
50% to 80% of vehicle’s fair market value

Processing Fee
5.5% + P150 (Metro Manila)
5.5% + P200 (provinces)

Processing Time
1 to 2 working days

3 to 24 months

Agent’s Commission
5.0% for new accounts
3.0% for renewal accounts

Other documents may be required as needed. Details listed here may change without prior notice.


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