Car Loan (Take Out)

Car Loan Take Out

Car Loan (Take Out) OR/CR

Want to pay off your previous lender? Clear your balance and get extra cash from us!

This is intended for those who would like to pay-off their remaining financial obligations with other financing companies. If 60% to 80% of payment has been made to the first financing company, Global Dominion can shoulder the remaining balance. Use the car as collateral, and get extra cash!

Acceptable models are 1996 & up

- Basic documentary requirements
- Updated OR & CR
- Stencil & Pictures of Unit (c/o GDFI)
- Statement of Account from the Bank/Financial Institution

Interest Rate
2003 and Above = 2%
2002 and Below = 2.5%

Loanable Amount
50% to 80% of vehicle’s fair market value

Processing Fee
5.5% + P150 (Metro Manila)
5.5% + P200 (provinces)

Processing Time
5 to 7 working days

3 to 24 months

Agent’s Commission
4.0% for new accounts
3.0% for renewal accounts

Other documents may be required as needed. Details listed here may change without prior notice.


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