Working at Global Dominion

Global Dominion is a successful business. The definition of success, though, is a mutable one. In GD’s case, success isn’t just in the way it does good business: it’s also in the way its people are the best that they can be.

The employees and management of GD all partake of the same spirit of self-improvement and mutual support. Its corporate culture is grounded on the same dynamism and energetic growth that its youthful constituency has become known for in the industry. The people of GD don’t just go to work. They live, they grow, they learn.

In 2009, GD implemented a number of training seminars and similar activities all geared towards continuing personal and professional improvement. Everyone, from the senior management down to the rank-and-file, attended a series of Personality Development Seminars that emphasized the look, feel and spirit of the Global Dominion brand. These seminars taught GD personnel about the value of corporate branding, and how their personalities and personal presentation can help improve it.

A series of Business Writing seminars, unique to GD among its sister companies, is currently underway. Through these seminars, GD personnel are trained to master the English language for both written and verbal communication. The value of expressing oneself effectively is a critical one at GD, and translating good writing into good speaking is a powerful training tool.

Four special seminars with Sparc Consulting were conducted for the department heads and branch managers in the first quarter of 2009: Service Quality Management, Service Leadership, Service Principles and Power Coaching. The information and skills they learned from those seminars are now being cascaded throughout the rest of GD.

There are plans for doing customer service seminars starting in September 2009, to run through to the end of the year. These new seminars are meant to further improve the way GD does business. Its business is about people and about service, after all, so every method that can help improve customer interaction and satisfaction is a boon to everyone.

One of the highlights of GD’s endeavors to train its people is the Management Training Program. Qualified individuals, both internal and external to the company, are given the opportunity to receive mentorship from GD’s top-level managers. This exposure allows the best and brightest to not just receive the best hands-on and theoretical training available, but also pass that same wealth of knowledge along when they assume their own leadership roles as junior managers.

As a team, the people of GD are very dynamic. The youth aspect is a big boon: the young employees of GD are lively, punctual, driven and participative. Training professionals have said that working with GD is always something to look forward to, because its members are always eager to be trained.

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