Cars – Not Just A Luxury, But A Necessity In Today’s World

Here in the Philippines, cars are almost viewed as luxuries. We have plenty of public transportation choices if we want to go anywhere.

Different Types Of Cars

There are pedicabs and tricycles to take us around a village or barangay, while jeepneys and buses can help us reach farther destinations. And since we have every means of transportation available, owning a car doesn’t seem so important, right? Not necessarily.

Even though not every one of us lives in a house with car garage or parking spot, and even though gas price hikes almost every week, most, if not all, of us still want to own a car. That is understandable since cars are investments and wealth assets. And while many think that vehicles used in any purpose other than business are just extravagance, there are times that they are necessary.

How many of us tire of waiting in long lines just to ride an FX everyday to get to work and get home after? Have you experienced competing with other commuters in hailing taxi cabs for almost an hour only to be told by the driver that stopped for you that they can’t take you to your destination? Or has it ever irritated you when you are rushing to reach your destination but the jeepney driver doesn’t seem to care and still continue to stop at every commuter in the street even though it’s already jam-packed inside? Or have you ever been pushed and crammed up in the MRT during rush hours?

Those and more are what bother commuters everyday. Commuting may be cheap, but at times, it is costing you precious time, which also means that it can cost you money. Cars ensure that you get control of your time once more. Well, that is if you disregard the perpetual heavy traffic in EDSA and other main roads, but everybody goes through that. Saving yourself from the stress of commuting also saves your health.

Cars are not only considered as assets and investments, they are also viewed as a necessity in today’s life. They may seem like an extravagant whim, but they are, in truth, an essential means to get by everyday.