The Faces of GD: Eme Domingo

Eme is Global Dominion’s Treasury Head, and oversees everything that has to do with monetary transactions in GDFI. From petty cash to PDC warehousing, deposits, fund transfers, bank account openings, cash collections, supplier payments: you name it, she’s in charge of it. Hers is one of the toughest, most delicate jobs in GDFI.

Full Name: Emerald Joy Domingo
Nickname: Eme
High School: PUP Laboratory High School (Sta. Mesa)
College: PUP Sta.Mesa
Course: BS Accountancy
Years in GD: 4 and a half years

How did you come to join GD?

I was referred to GDFI by a classmate who was already working for the company. She called me up and said that she needed an additional staff member in her department. I passed the exam and had an interview with ALP, RYLIII and RBJ, and was hired immediately.

How has your career developed in GD?

I started out as a Treasury Assistant assigned for Head Office transactions, particularly the PCF fund and Car Loan Docs. After 3 months, I had the opportunity to be one of the staff of the first branch of Global: GD Baguio. By then, the company was growing fast, so I had to learn a lot about basic transactions and handling my own staff. After a year, I was promoted to supervisor, handling releasing staff. By 2008, I became the Assistant Treasury Head at the Makati Branch for the South Branches of GDFI. Early this year, I became the head of the Treasury Department.

How do you feel about working in GD?

Working in GDFI has been a great learning experience. It’s not all about paperwork like in a normal office. We also have a chance to interact with different types of clients, borrowers, collectors and other employees, as well. The camaraderie between the employees when I started was so great that it didn’t feel like we were working. The staff and the management had a good working relationship then: long working hours seem to pass in a breeze.

What’s your best thought about working in GD?

Teamwork is always important in GDFI. We work as a family in the department. We maintain a happy environment, and that keeps our group intact.