The Faces of GD: Lea Ellar

Full Name: Eleanor Ambeguia Ellar
Nickname: Lea
High School: Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel
College: Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Sta. Mesa Campus
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
Previous Experience: Accounts Payable Analyst in Odyssey Music and Video
Years in GD: 2 years and 10 months

How did you come to join GD?

I applied as an auditor in a sister company because my ex-officemate in Odyssey (who is now also an auditor that sister company) referred the position to me. Fortunately, my resume was forwarded to GDFI instead, and the real challenge began.

How has your career developed in GD?

I was an Operations Audit staff member from September 11, 2006 to October  19, 2007. Right after that, I was promoted to the position of Audit Supervisor: a position I held for almost 8 months. Now, I am the head of the Releasing Department. I took the post last June 10, 2008.

How do you feel about working in GD?

It’s a blessing to work in GDFI because I have a very challenging job and a growing career. There is a refreshing environment and a friendly atmosphere among co-employees. The management is very kind and supportive, and they can easily be reached. They are also open to suggestions.

What’s your best thought about working in GD?

I’ve realized that if you love your work, then you’ll have the career you want. If you want a career, then GDFI is just right for YOU. I say this because this is what I’ve experienced in GDFI. They’ve entrusted a great responsibility to me, thus making me the better person that I can be.