Life lessons from a hard working mom

Doctor Santos runs a successful private clinic of her own, and she juggles this medical practice with being a supportive mom to her son, also studying to be a doctor himself.  It wasn’t always like this for the good doctor, however.  Running and owning her very own clinic was one of the hardest and bravest things she ever dared do.  While her colleagues all admired her for her courage to go into private practice herself, they also warned her that it wouldn’t be easy.  She would have to compete with both the more established private clinics and the hospitals as well, both of which had better equipment and locations than her at the time.


To say that it would be a really difficult road ahead for her was putting it mildly.  Doctor Santos, however, would not let her dream die.  She dreamt of owning and running her own clinic, one that she could share and eventually pass on to her son when he finally became a doctor himself.  Doctor Santos was always resourceful, and she knew she would find a way to pay for her clinic.


Resourcefulness always pays off


Although Doctor Santos was a hard worker, she wasn’t someone with unlimited funds.  During the times that she needed to make ends meet and income was not as forthcoming, she relied on her resourcefulness to cover the expenses.  It was because of this resourcefulness that she learned of reputable lending institutions.  Deciding to try out the options she may have at these lending institutions, she did her research and found GDFI, and since then, she has been in good standing with the lending institution for almost 6 six years.


Being a very resourceful person, Doctor Santos knows the importance of reliability, particularly when the need is great.  For her, being reliable does not only mean that you are available whenever you are needed, but that you are also able to meet any and all needs required of you, qualities she found in GDFI.


Passing on the tradition


Doctor Santos knows just how essential resourcefulness and reliability can be to people, whether it be for people who need you, or if you happen to be the one in need.  To underline this fact, she even got her son his own car, courtesy of a car loan from GDFI.  She knows how difficult it is to be a student these days, with the daily commute becoming even more hazardous and tedious, so she decided to get her son his own car.


Doctor Santos wanted her son to realize that reliability should also come with a healthy respect for responsibility, and getting the car loan also happened to be an excellent way to show responsibility is something we need to cultivate in ourselves everyday of our lives.    Being in a profession where lives are sometimes in her hands, Doctor Santos knows the importance of doing everything with a sense of responsibility, a lesson she imparts with her son every day, and also a quality she expects from those she maintains relationships and dealings with.