Money Loan

Get A Little Help With Money Loan

The global economic crunch is no joke. Almost everyone is affected. What was considered affordable then doesn’t appear to be within our means now. Even if we live very modestly, there are still instances when we find ourselves looking for a money loan just to survive the present.

Applying for a money loan, or sometimes called as cash loan, is one option that can help us make ends meet. With a little financial help, we would be able to solve financial concerns.

You can borrow from banks, but it may prove to be a very difficult task as banks have a reputation of imposing strict rules and approving loans after weeks. It’s like waiting for your own payday at work that is still weeks away. If you need money loan now, then going to banks isn’t the smartest decision.

Fortunately, Global Dominion understands that your financial concerns can’t wait. After submitting the necessary requirements, you will get the result as soon as possible.

Employees who have no collateral to show are usually the ones who need money loan. In order to qualify, they must be college graduates and regular employees from a company that has been in operation for at least three years.

At least Php10,000 salary ceiling is required for those who are still single, while those who are married need at least Php15,000 basic combined income. They also need to show a certification of employment and three months’ worth of pay slips.

The requirements for cash loans vary depending on the type. The aforementioned is for employees who need emergency cash. It is different though if you are a call center employee or you need to borrow for your child’s tuition fee.

There are loan types that may require a co-maker or co-guarantor, or another person who will take equal liability for your cash loan.

Cash loan is often the only choice most employees have in order to make ends meet for the time being. It may not be able to feed you and your family for a lifetime, but it can make a lot of difference today.