Looking for: Non-Collateral Loans

  • Business Loan

    Business Loan

    Need extra capital for that big order or expansion? Get a business loan now!

  • Corporate Loan

    Corporate Loan

    Get the extra cash you need to help your corporation grow!

  • Doctor's Loan

    Doctor’s Loan

    Need new equipment or a bigger clinic? Get the funds for the help you need!

  • Salary Loan

    Salary Loan

    Need a little more now for emergencies? Advance your salary with a loan!

  • Modified Business Loan

    Do you need capital for business expansion? Get as much as P1,000,000 from us!

  • Medical Equipment Financing

    Global Dominion can help you by giving you the financial assistance you need in buying that latest medical equipment.

  • Medical Equipment Re-Financing

    Doctors who need additional funds can have their existing equipment re-financed by Global Dominion.

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