Sea Man Loans

Helping You Sail Your Dreams With Sea Man Loans

They say seamen have the best of professions of Overseas Filipino Workers. They have great pay and they get to travel from one country to another. But as with any OFW, they endure the pain of being away from their loved ones for a long time to provide for them financially. And with financial rewards, the job also calls for high placement fee and other necessary costs. If you are suffering from the same dilemma, avail of the sea man loans

It is not just the placement fee aspiring seamen have to worry about. There is also the necessary SOLAS or Safety of Life at Sea training. The training courses cost from 3,000 pesos upwards. Some positions on board require different course and training, which may cost hopeful seamen more than 20,000 pesos. A SOLAS certification, if published in the Philippines, cost from 800 to 2,000 pesos. And if it is published in other countries, it may cost up to 5,000 pesos. Fortunately, there are sea man loans that are offered for struggling Filipinos.

Global Dominion

Global Dominion understands how seamen and aspiring seamen endure distance for their loved ones. The company also understands how the hardship they and their family suffer just to raise enough money for the high fees for a work position. That is why they offer Filipinos sea man loans for those who want to land a job at the sea to help them with financial concerns.

The company’s sea man loans help those who dream of working in a nautical ship but with few funds to start with. The very reason why seamen want to sail is to help their family financially. Most of them can’t afford the numerous and high fees required before they can land a contract.

Going to the banks to ask for sea man loans does not guarantee anything. Not only do they demand submission of lots of requirements, they also take long to respond whether your loan has been approved or not.

With Global Dominion, there is no long waiting period. After submitting basic requirements and few more paper additions, you will be given an answer within a few days.