Second-Hand Car Financing

Second Hand Car Financing

Second-Hand Car Financing

Need a little more for a second-hand car? GD can help with that!

Is paying for a second-hand car still burdensome for you? Do you need additional cash for your car? If you can pay 30% of the car’s value, Global can help you with the remaining 70% of the cost! So what are you waiting for? Apply now!!!

Acceptable models are 1995 & up

Buyer Requirements
- Proof of income (payslips if employed; Mayor’s permit if with business)
- Basic documentary requirements

- Original CTC and Tin number and Valid IDs
- If borrower is employed, with business seaman or doctor
- Proof of income and usual requirements apply
- Required Downpayment:
30% of the selling price – 2007 Year Model and below
20% of the selling price – 2008-2014 Year Model and above

Seller Requirements
- OR/CR of unit to be purchased (photocopy)
- Offer to Sell Vehicle
- Release of Unit Upon Registration of Ownership to Buyer/Borrower (c/o Dealer Or Private Sellers)
- TMG / PNP Clearance
- Stencil & Pictures of Unit (c/o Gdfi)
- 2 valid IDs

Interest Rate
2000 and Above (Surplus) = 1.5% to 1.8%
1997 – 1999 (Surplus) = 1.6%

Loanable Amount
50% to 70% of vehicle’s fair market value

Processing Fee
7.5% (inclusive of chattel fees) Cash out/add-on

Processing Time
3 to 5 working days

3 to 36 Months

Agent’s Commission
5% for new accounts
5% for renewal accounts

Other documents may be required as needed. Details listed here may change without prior notice.

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