The Faces of GD: Sam Carino

Sam is the new Marketing Head of GDFI. His is one of the most challenging jobs in the organization. He is accountable for bringing up the groups’ loan releases, in spite of tight credit restrictions and market challenges. Part of the job is to constantly improve the group’s competitiveness through constant innovation and consistent customer service.

Full Name: Samuel Z. Carino
Nickname: Sam
High School: F.G. Calderon Integrated School
College: University of the East
Course: Marketing
Work Experience prior to GD: Sales consultant for Union Motors Corporation
Years in GD: 5 years

How did you come to join GD?

I joined GD through a referral.

How has your career developed in GD?

I started work as an Account Officer for Forbes Financial, a sister company of GD’s. I was later chosen to handle the first branch to open, in 2004. I was transferred to the Makati branch in 2008, where I was recognized as Best Branch Manager. I was promoted to Marketing Head of GD in May 2009.

How do you feel about working in GD?

I have always enjoyed dealing with different people. As the new Marketing Head, it is very challenging for me to surpass the achievements of our sister companies/competitors/inspirations. We will rock you!

What’s your best thought about working in GD?

In GD, there’s no room for impatient people. The important things are your interpersonal skills, honesty, and sincerity in serving clients.