The Graduation Gift

For the Filipino family, there can be no greater legacy than a good education.  Nothing makes parents and grandparents more proud than seeing their young ones marching up the stage for the commencement exercises.  Filipinos will move heaven and earth to see the education of their young ones through.

And this is exactly what Maritess was thinking as the graduation of her beloved granddaughter and namesake Tessa drew near.  Tessa is taking her Bachelor studies in Secondary Education, and is set to graduate among the other top notch students of her class.  Maritess wants her granddaughter to know how proud she is of her.  Despite the fact that their only source of income is from a PUJ they own, Tessa was able to not only complete her studies, she was also able to rank among the best and brightest of her batch.  Maritess wanted the graduation to be special, which was why she decided to take out a collateral loan, so she could make sure that the event really is special and she would have the means to make it so.

The long, hard road

Expenses for any kind of education is never easy.  Even if there is some sort of assistance for the tuition fee, there are also other expenses that will definitely pose a problem for those with relatively limited income.  To say that financing Tessa’s college education was not easy for Maritess is putting it mildly.  Fuel costs and maintenance expenses were all major expenses for their PUJ, cutting into whatever boundary they could raise at the end of the day.  Maritess, however, was completely decided that Tessa will have the opportunities she didn’t have growing up, and these opportunities could only become a reality if Tessa could complete her college course.

For her part, Tessa really threw herself into her studies, making sure her grades were consistently well above the average.  Tessa promised herself that she would make all their sacrifices count for something, and that something would be to make her grandmother proud of her on graduation day.

Keeping hope afloat

Maritess never had an easy life.  She had to be self-reliant at a very early age, and from there, she learned value of hard work.  Despite being a hard worker, Maritess didn’t have much in the way of opportunities, since she didn’t have much schooling to speak of.  This is why she promised herself that she would do whatever it took to make sure Tess had a good education to help her along the way.  With Most of her education done, Tess was well on her way to facing life’s challenges, but thanks to a good education, Tess may have much more opportunities than Maritess ever had.  All they had to contend with now is the graduation fee.  With their only significant income coming solely from the earnings of their PUJ, Maritess had to consider getting help in paying the fee, which led her to try taking out a loan.

Not knowing if any institution would actually consider giving her a loan, Maritess was determined to keep on looking for a lending company that could help in her need, which she happened to find in GDFI.  Because it was her first time to try taking out a loan from a legitimate lending company, Maritess could only hold onto a slim hope that she would know the right things to say so the company would approve her loan.  Maritess simply decided to be as straightforward and as honest as possible, because one of the few lessons she remembered from her limited schooling was that “honesty is the best policy”, and thankfully, it did help her.  Telling her story that their main source of income is from their PUJ, the GDFI representative was able to suggest that she use their PUJ as collateral for taking the loan, which Maritess quickly agreed to, seeing the solution to making sure that her dream of seeing her beloved granddaughter graduate with honors becomes a reality.