The indomitable spirit, the inseparable family

Time shared with family are what makes for the best memories.  For many Filipinos abroad, these sweet memories are the only things that keep them warm on cold winter nights, and strong through trying times in faraway countries.

One such example is Luis.  Luis is what is traditionally called a veteran seaman, having been on numerous trips already, and is still expecting to go on many more.  He is in good standing with the company that hired him, given that he is a hard worker, and he has become quite adept at the tasks expected of him while on board.

Luis says he owes it all to his family.  They gave him the strength of will and mind to survive the times when trips seemed quite difficult and dangerous.  Luis recalls how his presence of mind not only allowed him to ensure his survival while on board a vessel in the middle of a storm, but also that of a few other crew members as well.  Luis knew that without him, his brother and sister might not be able to complete their schooling, and he has promised their father that he will see them through to graduation, no matter what it takes.

The bond of love and strength

Luis says family is what defines his personality and how he views life.  He believes that if a person is driven enough, he could hold on right through times when no one is expected to pull through.  He says his fellow seamen are impressed with his dedication to family, and try their best to emulate his spirit when it comes to struggling through difficult scenarios in life, be it at work or at home.

Luis makes sure that just before each trip, he gathers the entire family to spend quality time with them.  Seeing as how his brother and sister did well during their last schoolyear, he decided to take the entire family on a trip to Palawan, to enjoy the sights and sounds that they have only heard of in stories and seen in pictures.  His only concern was that he realized he would definitely be short on cash for the trip, as he had just paid for the improvement and repair of his mother’s small canteen, a source of income for the family when Luis is unable to immediately send money.

When in need, expedite

Luis, however, knew he could rely on his status as someone in good standing with his employers to help him secure a loan.  After consulting with GDFI, and after a quick check on his credentials, Luis was able to secure a loan to get the money he needed to bring the entire family to Palawan for a quick vacation just before he ships off again.  Seeing his family happy and together is all the motivation and morale booster that Luis needs to keep him going at top form and in good spirits, regardless of the challenges that lie ahead of him.